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Crank Box



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Lighting system and GSM charger

About the Crank Box - the Ecosoft Crank Box gives light where there is no electricity.

The Crank Box is a hand generator that stores energy in a capacitor.


Hand generator that stores energy in a capacitor


This is technology of the future. The capacitor is rapidly developing into an energy storage that defeats traditional batteries in many ways. A capacitor can store and release energy in a matter of seconds. It can be charged at least 500,000 times.



The charge time is approximately one minute between when the light switches off and a full charge that will last for one hour of lighting.


When a rechargeable battery is used in this application it will last a maximum of 50 charge cycles. This is because a battery is not made to be charged in 60 seconds and when used in this way it will deteriorate quickly. When the Crank Box would use rechargeable battery in normal use in Africa where it functions as a primary light source it would only work for about 12 days with 4 hours of usage. This is the unique advantage of the Crank Box over similar product. It lasts!


Although the Crank Box was originally designed for use in Africa it easily finds applications in the Western world. It is a great solution for emergency packages because it does not use batteries and therefore can be stored for many years without deterioration.


The Crank Box is a great product for outdoor enthusiasts. It provides excellent lighting without the risk of running out of batteries or fuel. It also is very environmental friendly.


You can order the Crank Box online via this website or buy it from several specialized outdoor stores.



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