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Sustainable energie for the developing countries.



Ecosoft is a Netherlands based company that is trying to find new ways in development. Many complicated development products are less successful than hoped. On the other hand we have seen an enormous impact to development by the introduction of GSM cell phones. Ecosoft is trying to propose small energy related technological product to improve the life of the rural population in developing countries.

Energy and modern technology are closely related. Almost all modern products require an energy source. That means that Ecosoft must work on renewable solution because there are hardly any alternatives in rural areas. There are approximately 1.6 billion people who do not have access to an electricity grid and therefore cannot use any electric tools.


The aim is to propose small products for mass production that can be distributed via the regular and already existing sales channels. These are the shops and market stalls where one buys more expensive products such as cooking utensils, bicycles,  radio’s and GSM telephones.


The first product produced by Ecosoft is the Crank Box. It is a hand operated generator for in the house. It provides lighting for the lowest cost per hour of any alternative.  You can read more about this product on our product page where you can also place orders on line.


In the next few months Ecosoft will introduce a new energy product that again is different, innovative and very inexpensive. This is the real challenge for Ecosoft: because the end users are so poor we must provide high quality for very little money.


Ecosoft has its own distribution in Tanzania and Dar es Salaam also serves as a distribution hub to the surrounding East African countries. The distributor is Tanzania Home Power Systems and you will find more information about this organization on our partner pages. Tanzania is out home market that stands as model for the development of distribution in African countries and provides feedback from the market about our products.


Ecosoft is actively looking for distributors, trade organizations and NGO’s who can assist with the distribution in other countries.


We find a growing market for the Crank box in Europe. The Crank box is very suitable as an emergency lighting system and as a camping light. We are already working with distributors in the Netherlands and Finland. The profit derived from sales in Europe is used to finance distribution and technical development for Africa. Whenever you buy an Ecosoft product you will also contribute to the wellbeing of some person or family in Africa.










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